This weekend I have been abandoned by all my housemates for various different holidays…not jealous or anything! So I did what any girl would and wondered off to the nearest high street. Naturally I ended up in Boots where I was faced with an array of beauty counters. Walking past #BarryM and the all colours caught my eye. Just like a magpie being drawn to something sparkly I saw the brand new ‘Silk’ range and I just couldn’t stop myself.
So this week I’ve done a bit of a tried and tested. Trying to pick a shade was much too difficult so I opted for three of the possible five. I’ve used ‘Blossom’ a gorgeous baby pink shade as the top choice. ‘Pearl’ for the accent nail on each hand and then as spring is finally here (fingers crossed) and I wore my sandals for the first time this year I decided to treat my toes to ‘Meadow’ a delicious mint green. All in all the colours do really glide on, just like silk! In the past I’ve found Barry M polishes to be a little gloopy but these are different. Each has a pearlescent shine, which I can’t get enough of! And the cute bow on the lid of the bottle got my attention straight away! Happy #SundayNails everyone x


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