I’ve been quite obsessed with all things monochrome recently and white nails seem to be EVERYWHERE! I was a little reluctant about them at first, fearing it would look like I’d gone a bit OTT with the Tipex at lunchtime. However, I discovered in my (overflowing) draw of varnishes this little number by Clinique. I was very lucky to get given a few sample shades of their Even Better Nail Enamel a while ago and had completely forgotten about them so thought I’d give it a try.

In the bottle ‘Room Service’ looks like a very creamy colour, think Vanilla but once painted on it’s much whiter, with a tiny glint of pink. As it is such a pale shade I had to do about three coats of this to get it the colour I wanted but I really like the end result. I then added the old faithful Seche Vite dry fast too coat…because nothing is ever AS shiny!

What do you think about white nails? Yay or nay?


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