As seen as it’s Mothers Day today I thought it would be nice to pick one of my mums favourite shades for #SundayNails this week. With the clocks going forward and the sun shining I’ve definitely got that summer feeling so opted for Riviera by Chanel. This is a gorgeous vibrant pink, which instantly put a smile on my face! I love all things pink so this was a win from the start. My mum isn’t big on manicures but has her toes done every couple of weeks without fail and this shade looks amazing! It’s perfect for cheering up a grey day, which fingers crossed are going to be a distant memory! As with most Chanel varnishes it went on beautifully but I’ve done a few coats to make the colour stronger. I will be looking closely for chips this week as Chanel’s colours are notorious for not lasting THAT long! I’m hoping that finishing the manicure with Seche Vite will keep any knocks at bay! Happy Mothers Day from #SundayNails x


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