For this weeks #SundayNails I’ve been really indecisive about which shade to pick. Feeling bored of the ones I own, I decided to have a rummage through the copious amounts of colours that my housemates have. Stumbling upon 4 shades by Ciaté I suddenly felt inspired. Each of them was a different variation of pink, red and orange, some even had a hint of glitter! I didn’t know which one to choose so I looked at the names for an idea. ‘Play Date’ immediately took my fancy so that’s the one I’ve used for #SundayNails today.

It’s a gorgeous red/orange colour and it goes on beautifully. As it is part of the miniatures range I found the teeny brush a little difficult to master but I got there in the end. It’s the perfect zesty shade to brighten up a grey day.

Out of all the polishes I’ve tried whilst writing this blog I’ve found that this formula goes on really well. It doesn’t seem to streak and two coats is just enough. I like it so much that I might even do one of the other three shades next week…!


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