This week I have been lucky enough to try a fairly new range in the world of nail polishes. That being ‘Cheeky Chat Me Up Nail Paint’ by bath, body and skincare brand Cowshed. They are famous for products called ‘Gorgeous Cow’ and ‘Bullocks’ very naughty indeed!

Cheeky is the sister brand of Cowshed and they have their own bath and body range amongst other things. Better than any of that though they’ve opened their own nail parlour, which I HAVE to go to! I’ve read a lot about their colours but hadn’t tried them until now…

You can imagine my delight when I got my parcel of polishes in the post! Trying to decide which colour to go for was a tiny nightmare (I wanted to use all of them obviously!!) but as the sun was shining all weekend I decided the brighter the better.

‘Jucie Lucie’ is a vibrant neon orange colour perfect for a sunny Sunday! The brush is an excellent applicator of colour and you don’t need too much unlike other brands. I discovered the thickness quite early on so you only need two coats at the most. It seems to be staying on the nail pretty well so far. I applied the trusty Seche Vite on top to keep it really glossy!

I’ve got a couple more shades in the Cheeky range to try and they may well be making an appearance on #SundayNails next weekend!

Get your colours from at only £7 each you’ll be buying more than one!


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