In the very heart of Covent Garden lies a beauty hub like no other. The upper echelons, the beauty couture if you will. Neighbourly portraying the stellar icons we covet so dearly. Step forward Chanel, Dior and Burberry.

Small chocolate box stores, that allow you to step into the world of runway beauty. Intimate consultations where you are treated like the most important person to step into their store.

A far cry from the click and buy, fast food culture of today’s high street retailing. This is a step back into the heritage of retail. Where customer is king and products are out of reach and displayed to perfection. Little bundles of hope that you need to touch, feel and hopefully own.

Today #SundayNails re entered this world at the Burberry Beauty Box. From the moment of entry, I stepped into a calm, beautifully beige space. With luxe nods to the age we live in. An ipad chandelier no less. In this space somehow it looks elegant and chic, not geeky and futuristic.

I had pre booked a manicure, however I arrived slightly early and took the time to browse the store. One that has managed to blur the lines eloquently between fashion, accessories, beauty and services. You can mix and match scarves, bracelets, clutch bags, lipsticks, nails, whilst sorting the canvas of your complexion with the array of makeup products. It is simple yet effortlessly effective.

5 minutes before my appointment a member of staff sort me out and comfortably sat me at the nail station. A minute later I was rewarded with a gorgeously chilled glass of champagne and an array of macaroons. (Should you not wish to partake in bubbles, you can have chilled water or juice). You are advised that refills are absolutely fine and to just nod when you are ready.

My manicurist, Patricia, arrived and from the off we had a great rapport. Patricia, one of Burberrys senior stylists, was really professional yet personal and friendly.

Recommending shades for my nails to match my skin tone and personality. Which ultimately lead to the gorgeous Pink Peony hue. A fun pop of pink just ideal for the sunny weather of late.

Also introducing me to a shade I know I am going to literally adore steel grey. A metallic griege like no other. It will feature on the blog super soon.

After delicately removing my current manicure and discussing my ideal nail shape Patricia set off creating her masterpiece. All the time being attentive to my needs and champagne glass.

During my service, we discussed nails, the current collection and of course the amazing store. It was really refreshing to hear staff talk passionately about their brand, their workplace and the products without it seeming fake or cheesy.

Now, please don’t get me wrong the shape & paint was not the best I have ever had. But it was personal and fun. It looks super shiny and the application was very easy.

Starting first with a really good hand and arm massage, Patricia asked about any injuries I might have, pressure preference and if she is ok to touch me. Very thoughtful and really well carried out. Advising how she is massaging, so I can teach the boy so he can replicate it at home. I loved her style.

The brush of the nail varnish is beautifully wide, making Patricia’s work one sweep easy. Using an innovative base and top coat the service was very easy to execute. It is a 30 minute service, however there is certainly no rush to hurry you out the door.

Whilst my nails were drying, Patricia gave my makeup an update. First updating my base with the new Fresh Glow BB cream, a tinted moisturiser with SPF20 leaving skin fresh and dewy. The boy kept saying (at least 10 times) you’re literally glowing, you look incredible. Albeit he had been drinking by the time I got home but I’m grabbing the compliments with both hands.

Patricia finished my look with a touch of orange matte lipstick. This offset my blue eyes amazingly and I loved the look, I’d not worn an orange lip before and was delighted with the result.

Overall I was delighted with my look and service. It had been ages since I had felt such glee from shopping. Especially after moving in with the boy it was really nice to have some me time to embrace being a girl. Makeup, accessories, champagne, macaroons and lots of girl talk with someone who’s just as passionate as me.

The amazing part! My nails were dry (yes actually dry) within 5 minutes. This was amazing, even for Seche Vite it’s good. According to Patricia the polish is formulated with patent-pending technology, which results in a protective and long-lasting high-gloss finish with accelerated drying and hardening times.

The formula contains strengthening and moisturising elements, including antioxidant pro-vitamin B5 and myrrh extract, to help protect and care for nails and prevent nail breakages or chipping.

A two-coat application dries in under 2 minutes and is completely hard within 6.5 minutes. #SundayNails approved fact!

The nail polishes come in a 8ml / 0.27 fl oz and retail at a very reasonable £15. ml for ml it is technically more expensive than Chanel whom at £18 for 13ml are £1.38 per ml and Burberry comes in at £1.87. However the formula, drying time and superior brush applicator make up for this slight price difference. It is still much more cost effective than Giorgio Armani who rock in at an unbelievable £3.33 per ml. £20 for just 6ml. The other expensive culprit is Tom Ford who weighs in at £2.16 per ml for 12ml at £26.

How much would you pay for a designer nail polish?

#SundayNails – Sunday 6 July 2014
Base Coat – Burberry All in one Base & Top Coat
Colour – Burberry Pink Peony
Top Coat – Burberry All in one Base & Top Coat





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