August 13, 2014


I’ve finally got it! One of the most anticipated launches in the world of nails is mine…Although when I first heard about it, I thought it was ridiculous, just another fad but I’m ready to be proven wrong!

So what is the little gem I’ve just got my hands on? It’s Nails Inc Nail Kale! Yep that’s right, nail varnish with Kale in it. How is a food you put in your mouth going to work when put on your nails…?

The idea of the ‘Superfood’ base coat is that it gives your nails a nutritional boost, all those vital vitamins you need to keep your nails strong can be found in kale! I haven’t done a post for a while as my nails have been in such a sorry state so I’m really hoping this is going to bring them back to life!

Using the new ‘Superfood’ for the base I then decided to try the Nails Inc Gel Effect range. Yes I got REALLY carried away, but I couldn’t help it!

‘Mayfair Lane’ is the shade of choice for this week. It’s a very subtle baby pink, very girly just like me. It hasn’t chipped yet so I’m hoping the Nail Kale is working it’s magic!


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