So I haven’t written a post for a very long time (*slaps wrist*). To make up for my tardiness this post had to be amazing and oh boy will it be…

Thanks to Secret Beauty Insider I am now the proud owner of Christian Louboutin’s Rouge…probably the MOST desired nail colour…EVER! I’ve always wanted to own a pair of his stilettos (for sitting purposes only) and now I can!

It really is the most extraordinary beauty product out there. The nib itself is the same height as the Ballerina Ultima heel Louboutin designed in collaboration with David Lynch. At 8 inches tall they were the highest heels in existence. A little intimidating for the amateur nail lover but fascinating all the same. On first glance you’d think this would be a nightmare to paint with but no it’s a dream! I’ve never done my nails so well. Just like holding a pen (with a vice like grip) you have complete control of where the tip is going. The formula glides on smoothly (thanks to my Nail Kale Base Coat perhaps) and is gloriously shiny when it touches the nail. I’m in love.

Of course ‘Rouge Louboutin’ is the colour you can see on the bottom of every pair of shoes he’s ever designed. Who wouldn’t want that on their nails? I’m starting a new job this week and I hope that this red isn’t to bold for the first day! I’m such once I explain what it is they won’t mind…



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