Firstly apologies for the delay in posting recently. The boy and I finally moved into our dream house last week so it’s been a mass of boxes, un packing, DIY and sewing (curtains). I’m very happy to say #SundayNails will have its lovely new office very soon, currently a place for un packed boxes. Slowly being unveiled.

My nails took a real beating during the move so I have had to file them really short. However, I’m a firm believer of doing that every few months to keep nails strong and hard.

So this weeks #SundayNails is a double celebration, not only being in our new home but also it was the boys birthday. I took time off work to get the house more homely and throw the boy a proper birthday celebration.

Inspired by the boys other love in life, Fosters, I reached for a royal blue nail colour. The boy has been asking me for ages to do a blue manicure, so I thought I would make this one double special opting for a Fosters Blue nail shade in celebration of his birthday, #goodcall

The shade itself I had actually owned for some time but never actually used, a regular problem for me. Originally bought during the heat and sunshine of summer, I thought the blue would be a fabulous holiday nail. However, somehow I didn’t get around to trying it out. It was a super cheap drug store purchase from pound land no less, at just £1 I had to try it out. I have tried Jess Nail Polish before, you can read that review here.

The Jess Polish shade, All that Jazz, is a very close resemblance to Nails Inc All Saints Road and Barry M Cobalt Blue. A real touch of azure. Despite being super value the Jess Nail formula is actually very opaque. You could easily get away with one coat, I did however of course paint two. The brush whilst standard issue was easy to manipulate. Topped with Seche Vite it looked really good on short nails.

The shade was perfect, matching the fosters blue and the wrapping paper I had picked up from Selfridges. Perfect when a plan comes together. The birthday and the nails went amazingly. However, the following DIY in the house has lead to two of the nails chipping already, not so much the fault of the product, more my crazy cardboard box destruction and cleaning. So watch out for a mid week #SundayNails to fix them up now I’m back at work!

I have my first Christmas party this Thursday so I’m excited at getting festive and welcoming my favourite time of year. What have you got planned for your festive #SundayNails? Don’t forget you can share your nails with us anytime on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and of course pinterest.





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