Happy Advent. It’s December. I’m totally ready for Christmas. Well not really, more mindset than logistically. But these days that’s half the battle.
It will be the boy and I’s first Christmas and we could not be more excited. Next weeks nails will be brought to you during our Christmas decorating party (inside and out of the new house).

So today’s #SundayNails could be no other but festive red. I have been saving this red up for my birthday but alas I can not wait. It’s Essie Garnet, in honour of my birthstone. I wear a garnet solitaire ring everyday, passed on to me from my mum. I love this ring. I have ever since I was little and used to beg her to let me wear it. So I was over the moon when it was handed down to me when I reached the responsible age of 25.

I love a pop of red, it brings fiery warmth to everything it touches. Red nails remind me of working for CHANEL. I adorned my tips in rouge every week, from Pirate, Dragon to Rouge Carat, Cinema and at the moment I’m loving their homage to there icon red nail with the launch of the Collection Les Rouge Culte Rouge. I could not get enough. Evoking the chic choice of Mademoiselle herself.

Three unforgettable CHANEL shades of red return. Cult classics from the 1980s, these dramatic red polishes create an unmistakably modern allure today as they did thirty years ago. I can’t wait to get my mitts on them. Throughout December I will only be creating my own homage to red, so watch out for an amazing month of red nails!

It is also the globally recognised colour of love. This week the boy and I celebrate our anniversary. A celebration of the best year of our lives so far. Gushing over now, you may resume reading.

Our lives aren’t all sugar plums and fairies. We are human and normal. We are also dealing with some pretty grim family issues at the moment. So making our lives fun and festive have never been more needed. Escapism at its best.

So today I implore you to rip open the next door of advent and relish in the next 24 days of chaos.

So Essie Garnet. It’s delightful. A pure red, not pillar box, jewel red. Opulent. Gorgeous and evoking of gem stones. A ultra shiny gloss that makes you want to adorn your hands in gold rings.

Essie master nail polish so well. I have never had any issue with their polish. It applies brilliantly and consistently. With it being red it needed care on application. I did my signature two coat application with a base of Nails Inc Nail Kale, which I’m really liking. It seems to really protect and nourish my nails. It was of course topped off with my other love. Seche Vite Dry Fast. It is the only top coat I would marry if I could. Amazing. Go buy it now if you have never used it. You will love me for it. Fact.

#SundayNails – Monday 1 December 014
Base Coat – Nails Inc Nail Kale Superfood Base Coat
Colour – Essie Garnet
Top Coat – Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat IMG_5762.JPG





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