This blog was originated out of a simple idea to champion self manicure, however sometimes there is nothing better than taking time out to have a ‘me moment’. For me, that is a deluxe pedicure in a local salon. As we have just moved, again, the search for a new salon was on.

Whilst acquainting myself with my new town I stumbled upon Simplicity. A beautiful black and white chic salon. Mainly focussed on nails, it does however offer pretty much every beauty service you could want from threading, waxing, facials and tanning. It’s the kind of place you could spend a day in.

I originally just booked for a deluxe pedicure, carried out on a body massage chair, bliss. However upon arrival I decided to see if I could stay for a manicure too. It had been so long since I let someone else do my nails I felt like a treat. It is however very hard to be passive once you are passionate about perfect manicures. I’m one of those people that has to get involved. I’m forever being thrown out of the kitchen for being a ‘back seat driver’. But I managed to vaguely not get involved and just relax.

The pedicure was pure bliss, the massage chairs are set on a lie back setting, so you literally lie and get a body massage as your feet are buffed, exfoliated, washed, cuticle removal, foot and leg mask and preened to perfection. I chose OPI Cinnamon Sweet, one as I’m following my Red for December theme and the other because I just love red toes. I had chosen light grey for my last pedicure, and was forever looking at my feet feeling that the always looked cold and bruised because of the colour. Immediately after being painted glossy spicy red, they looked warm and healthy.

I got chatting to the girl in the massage chair opposite, whom also was opting for Red. A mutual bonding over the best red for nails. A perfect way to get to know people in your community.

My manicure was full of tips and easy ways to look after your nails and hands, especially in this winter season. Whilst I knew most of the tips, it was really nice for technicians to impart their knowledge to clients and advise how you can prolong your manicure.

Polished to perfection from tips to toes, I sat and enjoyed some girl time. My pedicurist is getting married on the 27th of December, so a flurry of sharing and seeing her dress photos ensued.

All in all it reminded me what is great about taking time out to have a little alone time. I adored the colour, a luxurious red. Whilst not new, it was new to me. A warm, festive, indulgent hue to brighten not only your feet and hands, but one that will make you feel cinnamon sweet. It most certainly embodies ‘Sugar and Spice and all things nice.’

Now, you have heard my wax lyrical about Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat for well over a year now. I have never tried anything to rival it. But, there is a rival. And it’s an amazing one.

Say a big American hell yeah to, INM Out The Door Fast Drying Top Coat which seals and protects nail polish and artificial nails too. With an Non-yellowing formula lengthens life and insures clarity.
The high performance professional product was developed for use in salon and is now the best selling top coat in the USA in the professional arena.
I was unsure if this really could change my view on Seche Vite but alas it’s pretty darn brilliant. I have got one on order direct from the salon so I can give it a proper road test at home. Watch this space!

#SundayNails visits Simplicity, Surbiton. Sunday 13 December 2014
Base Coat – OPI Protein Base
Colour – OPI Cinnamon Sweet
Top Coat – INM Out The Door Fast Drying Top Coat






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