June 7, 2015

The new Blue. 

Cobalt. That’s the first word that springs to mind when I look at this intensely pigmented shade. Infinitely rich and deep. Yet somehow it speaks of summery days. Vivid and bold. Like Greek blue window shutters against bright white walls. 

Blue Notes de CHANEL is a masterful collection of pools of blue, from eyes to hands you can adorn yourself with this primary colour that never fails to look good. It brightens blue eyes, enriches brown. On nails it is confident and happy. 

The collection contains two blue nail colours, Fortissimo the deeper of the two with a touch of something that makes you look a bit longer.  I liken it to Blue Satin. Choose this for summer evenings over cocktails, twinned with the new shimmer grey Perle de Lune eyeliner to define the eye you will smoulder into the night with sultry allure. 

For day. Reach for Vibrato. As shown here on #SundayNails it’s intense hue will compliment most looks. Be brave and pair with an accent, a coral jacket or necklace. This won’t dilute the nail, it will allow it to really zing. 

The application was surprisingly opaque. Recent purchases such as the Meditteranee have shown a richer pigment formula of Le Vernis. 

Topped with CND Weekly Polish this gives the polish the resilience it needs to get you through the week almost chip free. I actually did this manicure last Sunday and a week on I only have one chip. Not bad going at all. 

This week I am going to attempt Dior’s Tie Dye Summer Nail Look. It does make me think of OPI sheer tints but look forward to trying the couture version of this fun nail trend. 

How are you wearing your nails this summer? 



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